5 Reasons People Get Tattoos

1. To Identify Themselves

Marking significant aspects of a person’s life is the main reason one gets a tattoo. This can be anything from a simple zodiac symbol, a favorite band, cult classic movie, etc. People with these types of tattoos often base some part of their life on these symbols before they decide to get a tattoo of it on their bodies. If you decide to take this route, be sure to spend a lot of time thinking about what you are consistently drawn to or base some part of your life around.

2. To Honor Loved Ones

Some people get tattoos of their family, baby pictures, a quote from their grandpa, a picture of their pet, etc. Some people even go so far as to have the ashes of their loved one’s remains mixed in with the tattoo ink. Tattoos can be a great way to pay tribute to those who have affected your life in a positive way and with whom you want to share their story with others.

3. To Be Stylish

Everyone is looking to stand out from the crowd. Some people even want to be considered ‘edgy.’ In order to pull this off effectively, some folks opt for getting a tattoo. These commonly consist of sleeve tattoos or other decorative ink. Very rarely do these types of tattoos hold any sort of sentimental value.

4. Gang Membership and/or Prison

There are several different tattoos that gangs and prisoners use to identify one another. Both have been around for a very long time. In these subcultures, identifying yourself as part of a group is essential. It helps members of other sects of a gang identify where you were initiated and even which territory you were in. It also allows other ex-cons to identify with one another once they are free and out in the real world.

5. Medical Cover-Ups

A more practical reason for someone to get a tattoo is to cover up scar tissue or stretch marks. An example of this would be when a woman gets a tattoo on her breast after a mastectomy. People with deformities or handicaps may tend to get a tattoo over the affected area to help not only with the mental healing, but also with making light of the seriousness of the situation and have actually been found to boost a person’s self-confidence.

There are many reasons that people get tattoos. Overall, they help unite people, remember our past, tell stories, and boost our confidence. Know more reasons that people get tattooed? Leave a comment!


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